Top 5 Benefits of using HypnoBirthing 

HypnoBirthing is a childbirth education course that focuses on deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, special breathing techniques, visualization, and education. HypnoBirthing is as much a philosophy, as it is a technique. Based on the belief that all babies should come into the world in an atmosphere of gentility, calm, and joy —It is truly a rewarding, relaxing, stress-free method of birthing. This method allows birthing people to go inward and find their power of their innate ability to give birth. While there are numerous benefits to using the HypnoBirthing method, here are the TOP FIVE!

1. Eliminates the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle

What is this cycle and how can it affect birth?

When we go into our birth experience with unresolved fears or concerns, those fears can lead to stress and tension in the body. When our bodies are holding tension it can create more pain and discomfort as we ride the waves of labor. Tension in the body can also cause your cervix to stay hard, thick, and closed. When we ELIMINATE FEARS, we ELIMINATE TENSION, and when we eliminate tension we can DIMINISH (and sometimes completely eliminate) any PAIN or discomfort we may experience during labor and birth.

2. Reduced need for pain medication and other interventions.

When we eliminate the cycle described above, we completely let go and surrender to our birthing bodies. When the body is in complete relaxation and self-hypnosis, it releases our feel -good hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are our body’s natural pain relievers that can help us throughout labor. These endorphins are also what cause our uteruses to have a surge (aka a contraction), therefore reducing the need for any interventions that speed labor along. 

3. Less Fatigue & More Energy.

Giving birth is a lot of work physically and mentally. When we are practicing weeks before giving birth how to be physically and mentally relaxed, it follows through to when you are actually in labor. The less energy waisted on holding tension and fighting against your birthing body, the less fatigue you will feel during and even after you’ve given birth. 

4. Increased Bonding

Hypnobirthing brings the birthing person, the baby, and the partner together in a wonderful prenatal and postnatal bonding experience. The partner is an integral part of the birthing, not an onlooker. In this class we provide partners with the techniques they need to best support the HypnoBirthing person. We also talk a lot about pre-birth bonding and how even while baby is still in utero, you are already parents. It is important for parents to start creating that loving and calm environment well before baby is earthside. 

5. Instills trust in Body and in Baby.

There are so many things out there that can cause you to lose trust in your ability to birth. Whether it’s a movie you saw, other people projecting their fears onto you, things your doctor might be discussing with you, etc. Living in the modern world, it can be easy to get trapped under the thoughts of all the things that can go wrong. In HypnoBirthing, we educate you on what your body physically does to make sure that everything can go right. We remind you that your body and your baby already know exactly what to do. 

HypnoBirthing returns to the birthing person the art of birthing in a way that allows them to summon their birthing instincts and to birth their baby in safety and with ease. 

Favorite HypnoBirthing affirmations: 

  • I turn my birthing over to my baby and over to my body. 

  • I am prepared to meet whatever turn my birthing takes. 

  • Each surge of my body brings my baby closer to me. 

  • I feel confident; I feel safe; I feel secure. 

  • I put all fear aside and welcome my baby with happiness. 

*By Destinee Hall, HypnoBirthing Instructor, Doula, BE Specialist