Bengkung Belly Binding

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Experience the Difference

Allowing someone to care for you in the immediate postpartum may seem unnecessary, but it's so crucial for your recovery process. Ancient cultures believed 40days of intentional self-care after birth manifested 40years of health for a new mother. Today, our society still recognizes that wisdom by recommending postpartum women wait 6weeks before engaging in activities like exercise, sex or work for example.

Belly Binding..... not talking about those commercial waist cinchers or shapewear, but ----Traditional belly binding--- is an act of intimate care during a crucial part of recovery for a woman. Bengkung Belly Binding is a Malaysian practice that is so much more than a long piece of organic fabric supporting your womb, hips & abdominal muscles. Utilizing this practice freshly postpartum is amazingly healing & protective--- PHYSICALLY & ENERGETICALLY. It aids in expelling excess air (vata) in the abdomen, expedites the involution of the uterus, balances the release of old blood and when coupled with warming oils & herbs is great for detoxing the body firming loose skin and increasing circulation, which brings more oxygen to vital organs that are in need of rejuvenation. Not to mention BellyBinding feels like the best HUG ever!



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Now you wouldn't expect your baby to swaddle itself.... for one they can't lol... but if they could it wouldn't be as snug or as relaxing, because it's just technically more challenging to "wrap" oneself.  That is exactly why we specialize in the Bengkung bellybind and believe in the expert application, because for one proper binding guarantees you are not doing more harm than good and two you have enough to learn and figure out then trying to selfbind. With our BelleBind Experience we take care of the whole you in those first weeks postpartum... You not only receive the customized support of the belly wrap but you have access to a walking talking breastfeeding, newborn care, postpartum encyclopedia. Our specialists often take extra time to answer questions providing complete support to the new mother.

There is truly no way a commercial binder could do all that! We look forward to making your postpartum journey one filled with Relaxation and Renewal.

Happy Binding Mama.

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