How does Bengkung Belly Binding work?

A mother's body produces a hormone called relaxin during pregnancy, which helps her body open to accommodate a growing baby and childbirth. After birth, mom's body continues to produce relaxin which helps heal her body. Belly binding is thought to work by supporting the natural healing process of closing after birth. It helps the uterus and internal organs find it's pre-pregnancy place in your abdomen. It helps in posture and lower back issues. Wearing a Bengkung Belly Bind diminishes pelvic instability and closes the hip bones. Belly Binding is also very beneficial for warming the abdomen and support blood flow.

What are The BelleBind Experience Sessions like?

Depending on your package of choice your BE™ Specialist will visit your home every other day over a period of six (6), ten (10), or twenty (20) days. In our one hour Premium and Ultimate Wrap sessions you will be immersed into a mindful meditation- for perfect health, soothed with aromatherapy, rejuvenated with an abdominal & full body therapy rub, then custom fitted into our Bengkung BelleBind that provides your ribs, abdomen and hips with 360° of support and relieves the common discomforts of the "Nursing Slouch" and "Empty Womb Syndrome."

How soon postpartum can I start with Bengkung Belly Binding?

You can start Belly Binding between days 4 and 7 postpartum after a vaginal birth, but any time in the first 2-3 weeks is ideal. After a c-section, moms are advised to wait until the initial healing process has begun (usually at least 4 weeks postpartum). We will work with you the moment you are comfortable binding. No need to rush things!

How is Bengkung Belly Binding different from an elastic postpartum Belly Band?

Bengkung is 100% custom to your body every single time you wear it. In comparison, a mass-produced bind is only semi-customizable. It's the difference between buying a pair of jeans off the shelf at H&M (a mass-produced bind) vs having a tailor make you a brand new pair of jeans every single day. Our Bengkung Belly Bind is also made of 100% gauze cotton fabric, which makes it far more comfortable to wear than a mass-produced bind. I use different Bengkung Belly Binds, all home made and very comfortable.

What if I'm more than 40 days postpartum?

A mothers body produces relaxin for about three months postpartum (during the "4th trimester"). Binding any time during this period can be effective. After three months, binding's physical benefits are purely experimental (instead of based on generations of traditions), but some women report good results. Many women choose to bind after 3 months for emotional/self-care reasons as well. If you choose to bind after 3 months postpartum, we recommend you add squats to your daily routine to help strengthen your core while binding.

Can I shower with it on?

Nooo, We encourage you to shower between your binding sessions. Lets be honest, most new moms don’t have the time to shower everyday anyways.

I Birthed via Cesarean…when can I start wrapping ?

Bengkung belly bind can be very supportive for a mother who has had a cesarean birth. Check with you physician, but we recommend starting your BelleBind Experience within your first week home.

How many hours should I wear the bind for?

13 hours minimum and up to 42hours maximum but You should wear the bind as long as it is comfortable. Some clients will choose less time, and yet other clients who feel especially dedicated to seeing results wear the bind for the maximum recommended time, until the next binding session.

How many days should I wear the bind for?

Traditionally, woman would belly bind each day for the first 40 days of their confinement period. Today, both US and Malay women choose a condensed amount of time closer to 2 weeks or even shorter. We recommend binding for at least 6 days, as long as the bind feels comfortable.

Are there custom binds for plus size mothers?

Yes! Binds can be made for every shape and size. We’ve got you covered.

Does the bind hurt?

The bind should not hurt, it’s not a corset! Think of it as swaddling. The first wrap around your hips should be only as tight as you want, then you should follow the curve of your body upwards to just under your breasts. If you find it’s uncomfortable when you sit down, you should unwrap and wrap again a little looser. It may take several tries to get it just right. Occasionally pain with the bind may be associated with bloating or gas coupled with the hug of the bind.

Can the bind help with my Diastasis Recti?

Although the effect of belly binding on diastasis has not been studied, many new mothers have chosen belly binding to aid the healing of their diastasis and have sworn by the results. Our BE™ Specialists will also help guide you in restorative core exercises that will aid in healing your diastasis.

Can I exercise while wearing my wrap?

Yes! However nothing requiring too much movement. A brisk walk, light housekeeping, or the gentle exercise your BE™ Specialist instructs you on is all we encourage. Don’t try to run or do any strenuous exercise while wearing your wrap.

Do wear it to the park with your little ones and show it off to the other mom’s.

Will belly binding help me with _?

Maybe, but we don't make any guarantees. We’ve had many happy customers who have reported that belly binding has helped bring together the separation of their abdominal muscles after childbirth (diastasis recti,) provided support for lower back, hip problems, helped slow the bleeding after childbirth (lochia,) and even helped with headaches and arthritis. However, we are not a physician and make no claims that belly binding will do the same for you.

I had a still birth or miscarriage, would binding be beneficial?

Yes. Binding gives a sense of support, and helps with your healing. It feels like a hug, that can be very welcome through this time of struggle. Contact me for special bereavement pricing.

I want to learn to bind myself. Will you teach me?

Yes! Very often women who want to bind for longer than 5-10 days will want to learn to self bind. With every package purchase you get hands on instruction on how to self-bind.


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